The Girls and Boys Competitive Teams start with a promotion to the PreTeam. Students are promoted to this level because of their work ethics, mental readiness, strength and flexibility, above average gymnastics skills, and their desire to do more in the sport of gymnastics. PreTeam classes are 2 days a week. The lower level teams compete within the state and higher level teams travel within the United States with 3-4 competitions outside of Florida. As a gymnast progresses through the levels more time is required. Team requires a commitment in time and money for both the gymnast and their family. Our gymnasts Level 9 through Elite receive scholarships for their college education. Due to our reputation for producing excellent competitive gymnasts, most colleges track our gymnasts, both boys and girls, starting their recruiting processes early to secure an Orlando Metro gymnast for their college team. Girls Competitive Gymnasts train and must compete on all four events. Girls Events: Vault, Uneven bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise. Boys Competitive Gymnasts train and compete on six events. Boys Events: Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Rings, Pommel Horse, and Floor Exercise. Tryouts for each of these teams are held periodically throughout the year. Training hours depend on level and range from 3 hours per week for the lower levels, up to 35 hours per week for higher levels. Fees for competitive teams include: tuition, uniforms, parent association fees, membership fees, team travel expenses (which includes entry fees and coaches expenses, as well as personal travel expenses). This information is given as general information and an overview of competitive teams.

For more information on competitive teams please stop by the front desk.

The Orlando Metro Gymnastics Competitive Team is supported by the EGO Boosters Club. For more information, visit our website at

Call the office to schedule a trial (407)207-4110.



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